For how much will my property lease?
That all depends on the metrics (location etc.) of your property. What we can say is that we conduct extension market analysis of each property, helping clients ear the very highest rental value at no extra cost.

What type of properties do you manage?
Taylor & Associates REALTY Property manages every type of property – both residential and commercial. Our services are personalized for each client and for the specific needs of their properties. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your properties.

What marketing strategies do you adopt?
Our marketing team advertises your property on the very best rental websites and the Middle Tennessee Multiple Listing Service. We maximize the exposure of your property in a manner where it never gets buried within listings. Effective marketing is essential for rental properties. We also market through standard means – such as newspapers, flyers etc. – a comprehensive marketing approach that delivers an instant impact.

What if the security deposit does not cover all repairs?
With our best efforts, we will try to retrieve what is owed. If not, we will send the tenants account to collections and it will be reflected on their credit history.

How can I receive a free quote?
There are two simple ways you can receive a free quote. You can call us direct at (931) 378-5387 or (931) 241-8399, or, alternatively, you can fill out our online form. We will get back to you very shortly with your free quote.

What forms of payment can I use?
The best payment method would be signing onto your owner’s portal, or mail in a check to 1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd Ste 112 Clarksville, TN 37040

What is included under ‘normal wear and tear’?
Normal wear and tear includes anything that can be damaged by normal usage such as minor marks on the walls, faded paint, toilet flappers, sun damaged blinds, carpet being worn out (not damaged).

Can I use my own tech?
You are welcome to use your own tech. We would need to know when the repairs are completed for marketing purposes.

When can I expect the security deposit to be credited back to me?
It can take up to 30 days to receive the security deposit back.

How often is each property inspected to ensure everything is functioning well?
We perform inspections prior to the tenants taking possession of the property and once upon move-out to ensure the property is returned in the same condition as they took possession. Though on multi-plex apartments, our team recommend bi-monthly visits, or, at the very minimum, one visit per month. Our goal is to perform the necessary duties that you expect. These duties include trash elimination, communicating with tenants – listening to and addressing any complaints – and reporting anything out of the ordinary to you, the owner.

Who completes those drive-bys and/or inspections?
Our inspections are performed by a Taylor & Associates REALTY property management team member.

What is the cost to switch my tenants/leases to your company?
There is no charge for any transfers. There is also no charge for posting notices of these transfers and no charge to collect keys, leases and funds from your property manager.

My contract with the previous property manager terminates mid-month – what will I be billed for the remainder of the month?
We will charge you from the start of the following month. You are not charged for mid-month starts.
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