We are your full-service property management provider in Clarksville.

Why Hire Us?

Our outstanding property management services are tailored to the individual needs of your investment. We offer full-service management that streamlines the value of your investment, all the while offering our clients competitive rates that beat the competition.

  Cost effective



Our strategic marketing plans ensure that we reach out to the widest, most relevant audience. Our objective is always to decrease vacancy turnover rates, all the while maximizing your income potential.


Timely maintenance is essential. We regularly inspect our properties and, when maintenance is required, our industry experts are on-hand to deal with any query that tenants may have. We also offer emergency maintenance, when required.

Tenant Selection

Our robust tenant screening process filters through only the best tenants. We understand the value that quality tenants bring to your property. With Taylor & Associates REALTY, we take that extra time to ensure that only the best tenants make it through.


Ideally, evictions should be avoided. Sometimes, though, they become necessary. Evicting tenants can be a timely and expensive process, but, with our experienced team complies with state and federal legislation to ensure that tenants are removed with as little disruption to your property.



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